What We Say What We Do

What We Say What We Do

Artist: Ping Pong Warrior

Genre: Contemporary Jazz

Label: Pink Handkerchief Records

Release date:

What We Say / What We Do is nothing short of a triumph, it will make you dance, you will play it on repeat, and after every couple of listens your favourite song will change, just like a good record should, right? And this is a great record. The synths on The Unknown dance around a creeping rhythm section, inducing nostalgic 90’s beats, summers spent listening to Air; by the time funky, Chic like, riffs start cutting through on Moonraker, the record starts evolving into a different beast. With We Don’t Belong and Strummer developing a more contemporary style of ‘banger’. Nick Kershaw, Talking Heads, Soulwax and Blondie all rear their heads in influence on a collection of songs that stand head and shoulders above the over-produced chromosome genre that is force fed down our mainstream airwaves; Yet it is Pop, somehow reinvented, or revisited, played with instruments, by musicians. Does that make it indie? We're not sure, but what it certainly is, is bloody brilliant.

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