The fascinating story of how Superorganism came together can threaten to overpower the music the London-based eight-person collective make on their brilliantly fun and funny self-titled debut album.

Artist: Superorganism

Genre: Contemporary

Label: Domino

Release date:

Coming off like the Go! Team's wacky kid siblings, a Shibuya-kei Ratatat, or the house band on a 2010s reboot of Pee-wee's Playhouse, the album is stacked from end to end with goofy samples, bubbling hip-hop beats, wobbly synths, fat basslines, and hooky guitars. On top of this Technicolor gusher of sound sit the bored, charmingly disaffected vocals of Orono Noguchi, the American teen Superorganism hired over the Internet to be their singer.

About the artist

Superorganism are an indie pop band based in London, formed in early 2017. The group originally consisted of eight members: lead vocalist Orono Noguchi, as well as Emily, Harry, Tucan, Robert Strange, Ruby, B, and Soul.

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