Roots is his third album on revered German imprint Sonar Kollektiv.

Artist: Feiertag

Genre: Electronica

Label: Sonar Kollektiv

Release date:

Having concentrated his attention on catchy hooks and a number of guest voices on his first, and deeper break beat workouts on his second, Joris felt it was time to deliver something that sat comfortably in a space somewhere between the two. The LP features not only a plethora of vocalists from across the globe, but also sees the producer playing with obscure samples and sounds, as he attempts to discover a new direction and find that sweet spot between dark and light; major and minor; new and old; uplifting electronica and soul.

The album format allows Feiertag to provide snapshots of not only his own personal life and experiences, but those of his musical collaborators. On Queen and King, Tru Thoughts recording artist Rhi spins a compelling tale of striving for independence and the understanding of self worth; on Feel Me, Nego True opens up about moving in with his partner and his ambitions to start a family; and taking it to the next stage, on Law Of Attraction, Washington D.C. indie hip hop outfit OSHUN tell the story about the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Elsewhere, the sonic partnerships provide simply a fresh amalgamation of sound, such as on Keep Your Head Up, where Noah Slee’s soulful aesthetic blends with Feiertag’s brooding, minor key instrumentation, or Ballon Sogni where traditional African balafon, ethereal choirs and Fallon Nioke’s uncompro mising vocal delivery create something almost otherworldly. 

Once again, Joris creates new challenges for himself by finding that place where his music can flourish whilst working with artists outside of his immediate musical sphere. His seemingly endless search to shine a light on new and exciting talent, as well as his tireless work to discover the old and reinvent the new will surely see him break new ground and gain new followers for years to come.

About the artist

Joris Feiertag is a Dutch producer and drummer from Utrecht in the Netherlands who makes music that is a finely balanced blend of organic and synthesized elements

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