Let Love Rumpel - Part 1

Let Love Rumpel - Part 1

Kalabrese lets it rumpel. The third album by the Swiss all-round musician is - as always - relaxed, comes straight from the heart, and is showing his typically own approach to melt disco, blues and club music into a wunderbar overall performance.

Artist: Kalabrese

Genre: Jazz

Label: Rumpelmusig

Release date:

I’m finally laying down the carpet again, but this time as a double-pack. part one will be released in the fall of 2021 and part two in spring 2022.

finally rumpelmusig is back! kalabrese enrolls himself out off a red carpet made of corona soup onto your quilted carpet at your home. eleven fave songs outta the kitchen of haute cuisine rumpelchef. and on top of that: for the upcoming spring, a second album in the «let love rumpel» circle will be released (part 2). two times double vinyl. two times favorite songs. two times bustling life. four vinyls as a contemporary witness about what kind of creativity such a pandemic can awaken in an artist. in one song it says «you take the l train». it's obvious that the meaning of this l is love. kala is a rolling stone. wherever he lays his beat, is his home.

since the success album «independent dancer» of 2013, kalabrese has not only grown musically. though 8 years have gone past the successful album still resonates most beautifully to this day. we already know since ages, that his heart is at the right place, where the real beat pumps, and the deepness of «independent dancer» has been danced over to this new album with ease. the new, third, album «let love rumpel» sounds even more mature in the best sense of this word and, difficult to believe, even more authentic, more real, more warm. just closer to this memorable times. of course the new album is a little less euphoric, but who wants to talk about euphoria during these times which will be hopefully forgotten soon. it's clear to see that underneath a diamond of international music production is glowing and shining. waiting there to purge speakers of clubs worldwide with this definite and incredible groove from the dust that has been collected during this consuming pandemic.

there are moments where kalabrese sounds if he came straight out of new orleans. but as dr. kalabrese instead of dr. john. or as swiss fondue instead of spicy gumbo. a very deep stew, boiled up of soul, horns and beat. to make a travel in the spirit to anywhere an easy one. this is just one example of how masterfully the artist deals with what he has learned and what is to come in his life.

„during this difficult time i wanted to create a world that exudes warmness and confidence for anybody. not a heavy headed overly-intellectual album. just driving good-hearted songs in the typical rumpelmanner. songs who pick you up bluntly. songs that give you the opportunity to close your eyes and to move onto a bittersweet ground full of haunting and to gently bump your hips so that you start to dance and dream“

Credit: Rumpelmusig Bandcamp

About the artist

kalabrese is one of the more glittering characters in Zurichs music scene.

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