This Is What We Do

This Is What We Do

It must be difficult to have released a classic so early in one’s career.

Artist: Leftfield

Genre: Electronica

Label: Virgin Records

Release date:

There must be an overwhelming sense that something must be lived up to at that point, that the benchmark for quality has been set at a seemingly impossible level. Perhaps this explains why Leftfield’s output after their time-honored debut has been less than prolific. Or perhaps, techno just wasn’t paying the bills. Whatever the case, more than twenty years on from Leftism, and seven after their previous release, Leftfield have returned, with a worthy, nostalgic addition to their discography that, perhaps thankfully, doesn’t even try to live up to the importance of their debut.

About the artist

Leftfield are a British electronic music group formed in 1989 a duo of Neil Barnes and Paul Daley. The duo was influential in the evolution of electronic music in the 1990s, with Mixmag describing them as "the single most influential production team working in British dance music".

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