Inner Worlds

Inner Worlds

Spiritual combat music to steady us through the stormy changes of the outer world

Artist: Soccer 96

Genre: Electronica

Label: Moshi Moshi

Release date:

���We�۪ve been reflecting on the relationship between our innerworlds and outerworlds,�۝ says Soccer96�۪s Danalogue. ���How our minds shape our experience and our experience shapes our mind. How caring and nurturing our innerworlds can improve our relationship with our outer experiences. We see the creation of music as the bridge between these two worlds.�۝

Part of the process of exploring these innerworlds is to better navigate the future. ���Through journeying into the innerworld with courage, we hope to prepare ourselves for a safe journey into uncertain futures,�۝ says Danalogue. ���To move positively into the future we will need co-operation, so we also wanted to celebrate the connections to our wider community by collaborating with other artists.�۝ For this album the pair co-wrote with The Colours That Rise, Tom Herbert, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Simbad and Rozi Plain.

The result is an album that contains the key foundational sounds the pair have worked up over the years but embellished and pushed into new terrain by the input of the collaborators. Danalogue describes the approach as ���self-organised egalitarian collaboration. There�۪s a beauty in people working together towards a common goal, and in the trust that we give each other to serve the group as a whole.�۝

About the artist

Soccer96, is the revered synth and drums duo of Danalogue [Dan Leavers] and Betamax [Max Hallett], who are most known as being two thirds of Mercury nominated band The Comet Is Coming.

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