Hyena Hopscotch

Hyena Hopscotch

The concept of The Stones Of Convention was always intended to be fairly fluid; given the virtual nature of the project and the location of the band members

Artist: Pete Bones


Label: Red Ant Records

Release date:

I wanted to write an awkward second album that was both a sequel to Wild Moose Chase, and a more complex and diverse LP in its own right. I hope I've still ended up with a record to dance to, wherever you may feel the urge. It contains tracks that have a definite pop feel, some industrial funk, a psychedelic ode to the emo, and even a ska-house hybrid. We can't make music specifically for the late great Andy Weatherall to play any longer, but we can make tunes I hope he would have loved. I am joined on the album by a new vocalist and co-writer, Jazzi Sirius, who is an immense talent, Paul Withey who lays some warm fuzzy guitar down, and my regular bandmates, Duncan Gray, Pierre Davis, and the two Jeffs, Richey and Ward. They are at their incomparable best of course, and last but not least, the mixing skills of Justin Drake. I have to give huge thanks to Gabe Leitner and William York for the spectacular art, and marleydidit for converting that into an album cover. Finally thank you to all those who support me and my music, and occasionally have to lend me their ears when I'm feeling a bit unsure. Now what next, I wonder....

About the artist

Pete Bones has done it all, regular guest DJ on Kiss FM, essential new tune countless times on Pete Tong's Radio 1 show, and remixed for labels such as London, FFRR, Hooj, XL, Fade, Perfecto, We Are Here, Superfreq, and Kyubu. Bones has had DJ residencies in London, Cape Town, New York, Orlando, L.A. and Denver. 2014 has seen Bones signed to City Seven, Superfreq, NOSI, Bedrock with more to come 

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