Groove oriented funk, RnB and house make his productions instantly stick in your head as he combines the familiarities of classic records of the past with the energy and production techniques of the modern day.

Artist: Nate08

Genre: Contemporary Jazz

Label: Need Want Records

Release date:

Furaha begins with the title track, a jazzy, elevator music tune you could listen to at any occasion. Intricate guitar coupled with synths, pads and an intriguing beat make this a great and mature start of the album. Following closely behind Furaha comes Trigger Fool (feat. Azamaan Hoyvoy). Combing interesting vocal techniques, massive pads and a crisp beat, trigger fool gets the best out of Nate08 with its intensity, dynamics and clever production. Bunker is an instrumental tune which includes sweeping pads, clever dynamics, piano and a subdued beat which all combine to create a chilled out poolside��banger.

Nearing the middle of the album we are graced with Hold Up. Entertaining the chilled out vibe the album has given us so far, Hold Up has a punchier beat which sits perfectly in the mix, not overpowering the synths, bass or any other layer but still manages to bring enough energy to keep the song moving. This sets up nicely for Sunrise Sunfall - a groovy upbeat song with Nate08's now signature vocal tone. With excellent arrangement, dynamics and production, this is a party banger which everyone can sing along to. Untitled is next up and this song goes back to the jazzy, chilled out vibe that Nate08 can do so well. A well placed interlude in a packed out album works wonders and showcases the musical talent of Nate excellently. Bringing the vibe back up comes Want You (Feat. Megan Murray) which features that signature pad sound we now all associate with Nate08 and Murray's vocals feel wonderful in the groovy mix, bringing a welcome change of pace and style.

As the albums begins to come to a close, Lets Go To Ibar gives us a new vibe entirely with the raw instruments and chatter over the top - This short breaks lines up for the upbeat song Feel It (Feat. Lojal). This song brings the tempo and groove up with clever rapped verses and a massive chorus, filling every inch of the mix with some sort of atmospheric noise all coming together brilliantly for a dancy pop banger. This intensity is kept up as the penultimate track starts, with choppy keys and flickers of guitar above an intricate broken beat. An instrumental which once again welcomes you to the talent of Nate08. Finally as we roll into Primrose (feat. Naisha), the album ends. It ends with a track which builds slowly through pads and a low cut beat, rising to create an atmospheric sequenced dance tune which leaves you feeling good and wanting to move.

This album combines a mixture of jazz, R&B, pop and dance to create a lovely mix of chilled out and intricate compositions. Nate08 seems to have really found his style with this one and the sound is dead on. This is a real showcase of what Nate is capable of and you're bound to be hearing it again and again.
Credit:��Needwant Bandcamp

About the artist

Record producer, bass player and all round talented guy Nate08 hails from Mumbai, India where his solo work has made him a formidable presence's in India's independent music scene.

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