"Dummy" is the debut album of the English band Portishead, released in 1994. The album is a blend of various genres such as trip-hop, jazz, and electronica, and features the haunting vocals of lead singer Beth Gibbons.

Artist: Portishead

Genre: 90s & 20

Label: Go! Discs

Release date:

In the UK, a dummy isn’t just a mannequin or an idiot; it’s also what Americans would call a pacifier. Savor the irony in the title of Portishead’s debut album. The album may suggest coziness, sonic swaddling, the gentle soundtrack to a raver’s comedown—and in 1994, ravers were plenty familiar with pacifiers. But Dummy doesn’t coddle, it unsettles. It tastes not like warm milk but coppery and bitter, like blood. Despite its two-plus decades spent soundtracking makeout sessions, it cradles a terrible loneliness in its heart. Despite its reputation as dinner-party music, it is straight-up discomfort food: curl-up-and-die music, head-under-the-covers music. It’s dark, dank, and quintessentially Bristol, mingling a chilling harbor fog with the resin of a thousand spliffs left to burn down in a haze.

About the artist

Portishead is an English band formed in 1991, consisting of Geoff Barrow, Beth Gibbons, and Adrian Utley. They are considered pioneers of the trip-hop genre, and have been recognized for their unique sound and experimental approach to music.

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