The Hand in Hand brew pub

Iconic Brighton brewpub famed for its cosy bar and tower brewery. Drink @handbrewco beers, listen to music and play toad.

Address: Hand in Hand brewpub, 33 Upper St James’s Street, Kemptown, Brighton. BN2 1JN




It all began for us at the Hand in Hand in Brighton back in 2015. Jen ran the pub and Jack fixed up the tower brewery that had been installed in 1989. The pub was a Brighton institution; selling its own beers, local beers and interesting imports including the legendary Hacker-Pshorr and Liefmans Cherry Beer.

The Hand in Hand is an incredible community corner boozer and it forms the bedrock of our outlook as a company. It’s what we think pubs should be. A safe, comfortable, happy place where everybody’s welcome. A place that proudly absorbs the community’s personality and shares the space for interesting, unusual and rare events.

We jumped at the chance to open a venue in Worthing. We wanted to create a venue that shared the same ethos as the Hand in Hand, but could be its own place. A place where the community could put their stamp on it. And they did. The Toad was born.

The Hand in Hand brew pub

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