Matt Davids

Honing my internal barometer to be able to feel the vibe of the room is what is all about for me, that informs what the next track should be.

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Instagram: matt_saulguud

Booking contact: 07810875823

About Matt Davids:

DJ professionally since 1993. Started with electro, Detroit techno and house, but then in 1994, Metalheadz at Bluenotr changed my path. This led to releasing drum and bass on 13 labels as producer, and performing as a DJ all over the UK, Europe and USA. As a promoter have run events on and off for 25 years in bars and clubs in Brighton, with the soundtrack ranging from funk, soul, afrobeat, house, jazz funk, bruk and anything that grooves. As a part of, I have had a radio show for over 5 years, over 100 shows down, as well as the stations designer. Can also catch me performing at UK festivals, previously including We Out Here, Glastonbury, Shambala and as a designer and organiser of We Are Love.

What you can expect from Matt Davids:

I give everything when DJing, because music is such an important part of our life experience. It can inspire, make you happy, sad, dance, hug, enlighten and illuminate. DJing is a huge responsibility that should be respected, because there are DJs that have literally changed my life for the better. I try to do the same through this art form and give all I can do the crowd don’t want to be anywhere else but with the music in that moment.
Matt Davids

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