J Felix

Playing hop hop, funk, soul and everything inbetween.

Also goes by: Joe Newman

Website: https://www.jfelixmusic.com

Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/j-felix

Mixcloud link:

Instagram: jfelixmusicuk

Booking contact: joe@rewiredsound.co.uk

About J Felix:

Launching his new EP series ‘The Mint Experiment’ on his own label, OVN Records, Producer, musician, DJ, engineer and songwriter; J-Felix returns with his Modern Funk laden productions in a more low tempo style with Hip-Hop/Soul sensibility, taking influences from Jazz throughout

What you can expect from J Felix:

Hip-hop is the genre that initially captivated J-Felix, drawing him into the world of music and inspiring his love for the sounds of soul, jazz, and funk samples that are often used in hip-hop. Throughout The Mint Experiment, you can hear these influences come to life through J-Felix's signature funk-infused electronic production style. He utilizes a combination of analogue synthesis, live instrumentation, and experimentation with tape cassettes to achieve this sound. Guest artists including Byron The Aquarius, MELONYX, Juga Naut, Victoria Port, and BODUR contribute to the album, reflecting J-Felix's passion for collaboration and exploration in the broader world of hip-hop, electronic, funk and soul / jazz-related music. Steering away from using samples, J-Felix collaborates with a diverse group of musicians and producers to create a truly original modern sound that pays homage to the soul music that came before it.

Originally from Bristol but now based in Brighton (UK), J-Felix is a producer, musician, and DJ who has released two critically acclaimed LPs on Tru Thoughts Records. He has also played live guitars for Alice Russell and Swindle. J-Felix's electronic funk-infused productions have garnered remixes from the likes of Hot 8 Brass Band, Amp Fiddler, Wrongtom and The Ragga Twins, Werkha, and others, along with productions for Harleighblu, MELONYX, and Mad Yella. He has contributed guitar and bass playing to records by numerous artists, including Kojey Radical and Roisin Murphy.

J  Felix

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