Cooper's Cask

This small, friendly pub is a calm, modest option just off the Western Road strip

Address: 3 Farm Road



Contact: 01273 736945

Effortlessly charming and laid back

The walls of Coopers Cask Hove, are lined with wood panelling and a selection of impressionist art that helps to make the pub feel both unfussy and artistically intriguing. Above the bar the sauna-style overhang adds a touch of 70s charm.

It’s a short hop from the door to the bar, where you’ll find a decent selection of lager and rotated keg and cask options – suggesting there’s some independent landlord input into what to serve.

The pub is welcoming and very dog-friendly, and not usually too overcrowded which makes it a nice change of pace to the busy Western Road bars.

On social media Coopers Cask Hove is described as a gastropub offering home-cooked food, and people rave online about the roast dinners. (source; Brighton Beer Blog)


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