Andy P

Having an older brother (5yrs my senior) meant that music came into my life very early on from electric folk, space rock and German electronica. Music has been a constant and help shaped my life socially, politically and culturally. Acid House ignited something in me that drew from all those early influences and eventually brought me behind the decks. I've never looked back.

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About Andy P:

Born in Luton, Bedfordshire I started going to gigs at the age of14. The local Queensway Hall, Dunstable and the iconic Aylesbury Friars providing plenty of attractions. Numerous trips to gigs in London featured through out my young life. Becoming a student at UCL brought a London life and all the music and venues I could eat! Working at Club Dog (later to become Megadog Sound System)was the zenith of those times.It was, however, Festivals and watching/dancing to music in fields that totally captured it for me. I've been a part of the Festival scene ever since. I've been curating/ programming the legendary Deluxe Diner in Glastonbury Festival's SE (all night) corner for over 10 yrs now. Part of the Trash Manor collective running an eclectic stage at Lancashire's Beatherder Festival and a member of the Mint Records production at We Out Here. Back indoors I'm part of the After the Goldrush crew who put on Parties, notably at 93ft East in London's Shoreditch.

What you can expect from Andy P:

Music is such a powerful force which captures and influences so many emotions. Its a knowledge of this which really drives me (and I'm sure so many others). As a Dj It's all about the groove for me. From chilled jazz to upbeat funk,soul, disco and deeper house taking people on a feel journey to lift the spirit and feed the soul.
Andy P

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